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Yo soy pueblo!

Aun en Colombia es 1 de mayo, pero por cuestiones del servidor este post quedará con la fecha 2 de mayo, lo aclaro porque  hoy

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Hi everyone! I hope you are so fine my foot fetishist friens,ok? In my two accounts http: // http: // and in my

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Happy Easter 2021

Happy Easter 2021, EvvaLion and I wish everyone, especially the members of the foot fetish and cast fetish community. Kisses and blessings for all and

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Welcome March!

Greetings to all foot fetishists around the world! March has started and with it EvvaLion and I bring you the photograph corresponding to this month

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish to express to everyone, especially the foot fetish community of the world in January, a happy Valentine’s Day. A few days ago Wanda,

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Welcome February!

Hello to all the foot fetishists around the world! We start a new month and to start it in the best way we share the

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To all of you and your families our best wishes for health, peace, love and well-being. Please let us continue taking care of ourselves and

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