Giving you a greeting in this new year 2024, I express my best wishes of well-being to each and every one of the people who read this blog. 2023 was a year that brought me great life lessons, I will not focus on listing them but I want to share with you what I feel […]

Te Invito A Reflexionar

Hoy es 11 del mes 11, un portal energético muy especial y poderoso y apoyada en esa mística esotérica comparto con ustedes algo que hoy mencioné en un directo desde de mis actuales canal de youtube y cuenta en  Instagram. Me refiero puntualmente a una invitación a todos ustedes caballeros fetichistas de pies: ¡ Consuman […]

French pedicura! YelahiaG

On this occasion, I want to share some photos I took yesterday with my current french pedicure and manicure. I would like to know how many of the people reading this post are fans of this style of nail care. Personally, it’s one of my favorites because I consider it very feminine, classic, delicate, elegant, […]

Celebrating our 10th anniversary !

Today, I am celebrating two things, my 49th birthday and the tenth anniversary of my website YELAHIAG.COM. I had been working closely with my webmaster for several weeks because I was very clear that yelahiag.com needed a change of image and a restructuring that would be in line with the current reality of what I […]