Celebrating our 10th anniversary !

Today, I am celebrating two things, my 49th birthday and the tenth anniversary of my website YELAHIAG.COM.

I had been working closely with my webmaster for several weeks because I was very clear that yelahiag.com needed a change of image and a restructuring that would be in line with the current reality of what I have created, what I am doing, and therefore, who I am as a person and as a content creator.

With the focus I just mentioned, I decided to remove the majority of the posts I had written since 2013 in the «blog» section, until July of last year, when I had published the last one, and leave only a few, because in most of them (the ones I removed), I only promoted what I was doing, and today, more than ever, I feel it’s important and necessary for me to reconnect with my essence and with what led me to start my journey in the  community foot fetish  and to use this space to share more of my photography work and, above all, to write about what I feel, what I think, and what I have been able to conclude in some way about our community today, among other things… in short, to share more of who I am and not just what I do.

One might think, well, what you do is also a way to express who you are, and that’s valid and true, but I feel and know that I am more than everything I have done up to now, clarifying that I am fully proud of everything, both the good and the not so good, the good and not so good decisions, the trust, the situations that made me feel very bad, the achievements I have reached, etc., etc., because I have learned from everything, and I have given my best to everything, I have had the sincere desire to build a community, create connections, ,learn and teach.  And it is precisely all of this that has instinctively led me to want to pause in my journey, organize my ideas, define what’s no longer necessary, what things continue, and what things begin.

To say that I have everything organized, clear, and ready would be a lie; this is something that will take time, but I have already started! At least the «house,» my website, is, and I am grateful to my webmaster for bringing my vision to life in the best way possible.

From now on, I will to show you my naked soul again, dressed only in words and images, with the intention of than to get closer as the people we are, as minds and hearts inside armor called bodies and to get to know myself a little more, to listen to myself more, to understand myself more, and thus be able to offer you a more genuine version of myself,

It is clear that I will continue creating audiovisual content as I have been doing so far because I have verified it over these years that making videos, taking photographs, creating miniseries, speaking live with you, etc., is something I love, something that gives meaning to my life… it is my ikigai, and therefore, I will continue with it. And you can see it all on the platforms and social networks whose links and icons you can find in the «about me» section here on yelahiag.com.

Now that I am writing, I am aware of something I want to share with you, and that is that I feel a great responsibility to leave a good legacy to our community, which goes beyond the number of videos, photos, followers, sales, subscribers, likes, collaborations, places where we make our presence felt, etc., etc., etc. I, YelahiaG, want to leave a legacy of love for feet, for art understood as a form of human expression, for understanding ourselves as a project that started when our souls incarnated in the bodies we inhabit and that we don’t know when it will end, if it ever does, and therefore, we must first love ourselves a lot, recognize our worth, and open our eyes to our true and great power… TO BE!

So welcome to this new stage of my life, observing and feeling from the perspective of 49 years old, and to this, my home and your home, YELAHIAG.COM.

THANK YOU all for your company, support, and love!


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  1. Mi amiga preciosa,

    Ante todo, te deseo del fondo de mi corazón un muy feliz cumpleaños y un feliz décimo aniversario a tu sitio web.

    ¡Qué camino recorrido desde el principio de tu sitio web hace 10 años! Recuerdo aún la alegría que sentí cuando visité tu sitio web por primera vez. Poder compartir este amor por los pies con otra persona y en seguridad no tiene precio. Es un alivio. Tu sitio web cálido siempre me acogió los brazos abiertos y me sentí rápidamente en casa.

    Te he estado apoyando desde hace 10 años y te vi pasar de ser un modelo de pies a productora. Es maravilloso y estoy muy orgulloso de ti. Es una gran evolución y me siento muy honrado de hacer parte de este momento.

    Recuerdo el momento cuando hiciste realidad las ideas que te sugerí en cuanto a las sesiones de wetlook, las (más clásicas) de jeans y cuando me pediste mi opinión, fueron momentos grandiosos que me calentaron el corazón. Supe que tenía frente a mí una gran persona, abierta y que estaba lista para experimentar nuevas sensaciones y ampliar los límites del fetichismo de pies. Ojalá hagas otras sesiones similares de nuevo.

    Te agradezco sinceramente los consejos que compartes a propósito del amor que tenemos por esta parte del cuerpo. Me acuerdo de esa frase que escribiste en las publicaciones de tu blog: «no somos ni raros, ni extraños, ni locos, simplemente somos personas que amamos los pies». Intento integrar este mantra en mi vida cotidiana. Y amar con los pies es mágico e intenso.

    Muchas gracias también por abrirte de manera tan sincera. Siempre me he gustado eso de ti y sé que no es fácil abrirse ante las personas que te leen.
    Por mi parte, quiero ser de verdad la mejor versión de mí mismo y ser esa persona muy segura de ella pero me cuesta por los temores y los dudos que tengo. Por eso te admiro tanto.

    Me veo en los valores que compartes y he encontrado no solamente otra persona fetichista sino también una verdadera amiga con la cual me siento cómodo, con la cual puedo contarle historias (y darle ideas para nuevas sesiones), abrirme a ella, una persona que me ha enseñado y que sigue enseñándome mucho. Una persona muy tierna y cariñosa. Muchas gracias por la persona que eres, de verdad.

    ¡Qué viva el fetichismo de pies y qué sean muchos los años en los cuales sigas compartiendo este amor! Como suelo decirlo, sigo apoyándote pase lo que pase.

    Fuertes abrazos y muchos besos afectuosos y el doble de cosquillas cariñosas de pies a cabeza

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